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We have an experienced team of recruiters who work diligently to identify and screen potential participants for our clients’ research studies. We use a variety of recruitment methods, including online recruitment, social media, and professional networks to ensure that we reach the desired target audience for the study. We also provide ongoing communication with the participants to confirm their attendance and ensure a high turnout rate.

Incentive Disbursement

We understand that participants are taking time out of their day to contribute to our clients’ research studies, so we offer a range of incentives to ensure a high turnout rate. We work with our clients to determine the most appropriate incentives, such as cash, gift cards, or product samples, and we ensure that incentives are delivered promptly and securely.


 Our skilled interviewers conduct in-depth interviews with study participants to gather valuable insights into their attitudes, behaviors, and experiences. We use a variety of techniques to make participants feel comfortable and encourage them to share their opinions, including active listening, probing, and open-ended questions.

Groups, IDIs, DIADs, TRIADs

We offer a range of qualitative research methodologies, including focus groups, in-depth interviews, diads, and triads. We work closely with our clients to determine which methodology is most appropriate for their research question, and we develop a detailed discussion guide to ensure that we gather the most relevant information from study participants.

Moderation and simultaneous translators’ arrangement for local language to English • Interviews

Our moderators are experienced professionals who are skilled at facilitating discussion and ensuring that all participants have an opportunity to express their opinions. We also have a team of simultaneous translators who can assist with research studies where the participants speak a different language than the moderator. We work closely with our clients to ensure that the translation accurately reflects the meaning of the responses.


We use high-quality recording equipment to capture research sessions, ensuring that we don’t miss any valuable insights from the participants. We also have a team of experts who can provide technical support and troubleshooting during the research session to ensure that everything runs smoothly.


Our team of transcription experts has extensive experience transcribing research sessions into written format for analysis. We ensure that the transcription is accurate and reflective of the participant’s responses.

Desk / Secondary Research

We conduct thorough desk/secondary research to gather information from existing sources, such as reports, studies, and articles, to provide context and background information for the research study. We use a variety of search methods to ensure that we gather the most relevant and up-to-date information.

Topline Reporting

We offer summary reports of the data uncovered in the studies we conduct.

CONTENT Analysis

At DIAKOB, we don’t just conduct interviews; we extract actionable insights. Our meticulous content analysis process goes beyond surface-level responses to uncover nuanced perspectives and trends. By employing advanced analytical techniques, we transform raw interview data into meaningful insights that drive informed decision-making.

Translation of questionnaire and open-ended translation

Our team of professional translators has extensive experience translating research questionnaires and open-ended responses from one language to another. We work closely with our clients to ensure that the translation accurately reflects the meaning of the responses.



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