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Health Care

CASE 01:

Objectives: A healthcare firm wanted to study the utilization of NGS in cardiovascular, neurological and autoimmune disorders to work on Companion Diagnostics (CDx) development.

Methodology: The client wanted to interview senior people working in Biopharma to gather the relevant information. DIAKOB recruited 10 experts from 2 regions specified in the project, all having sufficient experience in the field for in-depth interviews. The expert pool comprised of C-Suite employees, VPs, Directors and Senior Scientists. The length of the interviews was 60 minutes each.

Results: A report was compiled from the findings from the in-depth interviews which gave relevant information pertaining to the impact the size of the biopharma firm could potentially have.

CASE 02:

Objectives: A consulting firm XYZ wanted to explore ways of developing growth strategies in Healthcare Systems. They were working with limited resources to plan their business growth according to the market dynamics at the time.

Methodology: For a quick turnaround and because of limited resources, the client outsourced their research to DIAKOB. Given our extensive background in the healthcare sector, we conducted the research and compiled the following findings. We conducted 32 interviews of C Suite level employees. Key topics of discussion included opportunities of growth, market dynamics and other areas which would help set the client apart from competitors.

Results: A final deliverable report was compiled from the insights collected in the 32 interviews. The research helped to Identify specific growth opportunities and strategies for the client promising positive results thereby helping them improve their position in the market.

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