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DIAKOB Enterprises (PTY Ltd) is an expert network & primary market research firm catering to needs of international consulting and market research organizations. We take pride in providing best quality services at a competitive price. Our services are customized as per your project requirements. Hence, our price quotes are tailored based on your projects. Since it’s inception, DIAKOB has been constantly perfecting qualitative and quantitative data collection. We have optimized our platform to provide solutions for the unique challenges of your industry and your profession. We cater to more than 40 countries with over 100 clients over the world.


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Get deeper insights at a date and time that suits you and easily manage the engagement inside our platform.

Working with you, we'll program your survey, get it completed and quality control the results.

Give your data to the most applicable experts in the world who have the deepest knowledge on your topic.

Create a group advisory board for your project and harness the power of expert group thinking.

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