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CASE 01:


Objective: A leading market research firm aimed to comprehend the differences between the utilization of machine vision and barcode scanners in the automobile industry to gain insights into the vendor selection process and identify the optimal window for engagement with different companies.

Methodology: Considering the limited usage of this technology in the automobile industry and the scarce pool of potential participants, we conducted 15 in-depth interviews (IDIs) with key decision-makers, including production line managers, procurement managers, and engineering leads from top companies across Australia, the United States, and the European Union. The IDIs were divided into three phases to ensure comprehensive coverage.

Results: Our research findings provided the client with valuable insights into how they can effectively position themselves among competitors. Additionally, our study revealed the most effective channels for engaging with automobile companies and the ideal strategic timing for vendor onboarding. These results have significant implications for the client’s business strategy and will allow them to optimize their approach to capture the attention of potential clients in the automobile industry.

CASE 02:


Objective: An Italian car manufacturer wanted to understand the perception of luxury goods among consumers to be able to make vehicles better targeted to them.

Methodology: For this B2C project, Diakob conducted a multiple phase study using IDIs and FGDs. The respondents had to be collected from USA, AUS and UK. We found 72 total individuals for the study 36 for IDIs and 36 for FGDs, overcoming the challenge of finding people who owned luxury cars worth more than USD 80k with an annual income more than USD 500k.

Results: The information compiled from the 36 IDIs and 36FGDs helped the car manufacturer understand their customer base so they could make exactly what was demanded from people for luxury vehicles.

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