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CASE 01:

Objective: A research company wanted to gain a thorough understanding of the outsourcing market in the Telecom industry to identify which departments or activities were being outsourced, the main service providers in the market, the level of customizability of services, prices, and the vendor selection process.

Methodology: Due to the prerequisite of having outsourced services in the two years prior to the study, it was challenging to recruit suitable participants. Diakob managed to overcome this hurdle and scheduled 10 in-depth interviews with decision-makers from the Telecom industry in the United States and Europe.

Results: Our work enabled the client to understand the needs of the Telecom industry and how to position themselves effectively among the competition. We provided insights on developing a unique selling proposition to stand out in the market. The research also helped identify the departments or activities that are most commonly outsourced, the main service providers, and the level of customizability of services. Overall, our study provided valuable insights to help inform the client’s business strategy and drive growth in the outsourcing market.


CASE 02:

Objective: A Telecom Solution provider wanted to conduct a study to learn about their Brand Awareness within the industry so as to improve their market share.

Methodology: The target markets were of Australia and New Zealand. Diakob recruited 15 people for CATI which was carried inhouse. The people consisted of key decision makers from different telecom companies who had been working in the role for at least a year.

Results: A final report was compiled based on the data collected from the 15 CATI. The company was able to deduce the intended insights which painted a realistic picture of their brand equity and how they could improve.

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