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CASE 01:

Objective: An External Funds Provider was seeking to consult from experts in Financial Services, to gain insight into what aspects they should consider whilst choosing External Funds Vendors. Additionally, they wanted to understand how to improve their products and client experience; that could lead to key action steps in positioning themselves in the segment as a preferred technology partner.

Methodology: The client had limited time and resources to gather the information they needed. Our approach was to procure experts from management consulting firms, where DIAKOB took upon the task of conducting 21 expert interviews within 4-weeks, to ensure a timely completion of the study.

Results: The client received the deliverables and a report providing a comprehensive analysis of the Financial Sector in the Australian Market; whilst giving recommendations related to introduction of new funds and technology.


CASE 02:

Objective: A market research company wanted to gain insights into the use of AI in finance by interviewing decision-makers who had already adopted AI for at least three finance-related functions in their organization.

Methodology: Diakob partnered with the market research company to identify suitable participants and recruit 15 financial decision-makers from companies with over $5 billion in annual revenue. we provided project management, recruitment, honorarium management, moderation, and transcription services. The interviews were conducted in the form of in-depth discussions over the phone, with each interview lasting for approximately 45 minutes. Our team managed the honorarium payment to participants and transcription of the interviews, which were later analyzed to identify key themes and insights.

Result: Our study provided the client with a comprehensive report detailing the various finance-related functions for which AI was being utilized, and opportunities for further implementation. We also uncovered budgetary insights on what leading companies in the industry were spending on AI programs and what their concerns were. These findings helped the client gain a deep understanding of the needs and concerns of their target audience and provided insights on developing a unique selling proposition to effectively market their AI solution.

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