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CASE 01:

Objective: A market research firm aimed to understand the usage of VR technology by decision-makers in the Retail, Food & Beverage, Health & Social Care, and Architecture industries. The research sought to improve marketing strategies for creating awareness and increasing VR adoption.

Methodology: Recruitment and scheduling of 9 in-depth interviews within a tight 2-day timeframe was a significant challenge, But Diakob delivered what was expected and found decision-makers from the UK, US, Canada, and English-speaking European countries. The interviews were conducted with a focus on representation across the four target industries.

Results: The study provided valuable insights into how the client’s VR product could be applied in the identified industries and how to effectively market it to the right audience. The findings informed the client’s business strategy and improved their VR product’s positioning in the market, driving growth.

CASE 02:

Objective: A Management Consulting firm working for a Biotechnology company was looking to optimize their Quality Assurance and Testing Procedures to explore the possibility of automation.

Methodology: The client wanted to cover multiple regions to understand the best industry practices and KPIs to improve yield. DIAKOB identified 5 experts across 4 regions, who were screened to ensure the client received the best insights to develop their processes. DIAKOB provided 5 experts from Singapore, China, Japan and South Korea over a period of 1 week for In-Depth Interviews.

Results: A final report was compiled based on the insights collected from the interviews. Topics covered in the report included industry level metrics that encompassed benchmarks for Quality Assurance and adequate Process Management.

CASE 03:

Objective: An IT automation and security company wanted to learn what their customers thought of their services to improve their brand equity and marketing strategies.

Methodology: Diakob recruited 30 IT decision makers from Fortune 500 companies spread across US and Europe. We then conducted IDIs in-house to record the findings.

Results: The company got the information they needed from the 30 IDIs. They used the findings for improving their marketing strategies by better understanding their clients needs. Moreover the findings also helped in identifying new target markets for the company.

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